Maxim Ealing, “This is the quintessential Chinese suburban extravaganza ………” says Alan Yau.


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With Maxim, authenticity is personal.

Maxim in Ealing, also affectionately known as “Mrs. Chow’s”, has been a family-run restaurant since 1974. Our philosophy lies in using fresh and natural ingredients with traditional cooking methods bringing the finest Peking cuisine to your table. With our authentic Chinese Peking cuisine, you can start off with satay chicken, sweet-and-sour won ton or our ‘Signature: Spare Ribs’, then follow through with our ‘Speciality: Aromatic Crispy Duck’, a classic of its kind. Or push the boat out with a whole lobster, halved and served with ginger and spring onion sauce. For the adventurous why not try the  frogs legs in chilli sauce. Side dishes like verdant crispy green beans and egg fried rice to compliment shredded crispy chilli beef or sizzled lamb with spring onion. Finish off with some deep-fried banana and apple slices, and you’ll be thanking Mrs. Chow for a wonderful dining experience.

Mrs Chow now at 91 years of age is still taking the lead at the restaurant everyday, over looking the kitchen operations and keeping it at its high standards and abiding to the most authentic and traditional recipes. If she is not in the kitchen she will be in the waiting area seated, welcoming her guests. Come on in and say, ‘Hello’ to her and with her limited English she will reply, ‘I hope you have a good time!’